PressureLands Creative Development

If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that since June this year I’ve been working on a project called Pressurelands which is a community arts performance project working with young people exploring the concept of pressure and expectation – this project is my baby. As Lead Artist (Writer/Director/Facilitator) I dreamed it up, I doubted it, I loved it, I slogged away for little reward, and I’ve been very privileged to be a JUMP Mentee during the process.

After months of hard work, lots of tears, doubts and fears it has been a huge relief (and privilege) to begin working with the 2010 PressureLands youth ensemble on Sunday and every day since. When writing up my project plan for this stage of the PressureLands project I was hoping for a minimum of 3 youth participants with a secret hope that I might manage to interest at least 6 people to come and be involved as performers for a week of creative development and the work in progress showing – I’m pleased to announce that my secret doubts about my ability to engage and inspire people enough were completely unfounded – we have a committed, passionate, generous and extremely talented cast of 10 which brings us to 11 including our visiting actor Luke Western. So head along to see what we create at the work in progress showing this Friday 17th December @ 6.30pm, Renmark Institute (RYT Hall) 54 Ral Ral Avenue Renmark. Also keep up to date with all the happenings during creative development by following the PressureLands blog and subscribing to have updates direct to your email inbox. Check out yesterday’s blog by guest blogger Shaylee Actually.

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