Junction 2010 – Podcast

I was lucky enough to be invited to be a guest speaker late last year as part of Junction – The Regional Arts Conference which is held every two years in a different regional location in Australia (it also receives a new name to go with its new location – previous names include ‘Meeting Place’ & ‘Art in the Heart’).

I was invited to Junction to speak as part of the ‘JUMP:Mentorships that work in a Regional Context’ session along with Julie Woodward CEO of Youth Arts Queensland and Brook Newall, a talented Queensland Artsworker and 2009 YAMP Mentee.

You can listen to our session via podcast here – the sound drops out for a little while during Brooke’s talk (which is prior to mine) as I think she stepped away from the podium and therefore the microphone but if you fast forward a little the sound kicks back in. I shared my backwards road into the arts, my experience as a regional artist and as a 2010 JUMP mentee, including my project PressureLands.

Junction overall was a lot of fun and a very special experience for me as it was my first time presenting. Big thank you’s must go to the wonderful staff from Carclew who checked in with me during the conference to make sure I was ‘ok’ and especially to Georgie for coming to hear me speak. And to Olivia from Riverland Youth Theatre who also came to our session to hear me speak. Also a big, big thank you to Country Arts SA who supported my attendance at the conference through their travel assistance program – I would not have been able to get there without their help! Massive thank you to my fellow presenters Julie from YAQ and to Brooke who was absoultely inspiring and so full of joy and life – keep an eye on what she gets up to as I’m sure it will be amazing! Also big thanks to the other YAQ staff, Carley, Anna & Caro for their encouragement and support.

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