Poetry Anyone? 6th February – Cafe Poet Update

6th February 2012

So…..poetry anyone?

Today is the second day of my residency as a Café Poet in partnership with Australian Poetry and Sprouts Café…….I arrived today (still with my misspelt sign!) to check the poetry box and get set up.

The box was empty – sad face! However, not unexpected being the first week and our media only just starting to jump on the bandwagon. I’m looking forward to reading and responding to all of your poems next week. Remember you can drop in any time during the week and pop a poem you’ve written into the poetry box and I’ll then write a poem in response to yours the following Monday. This isn’t a feedback service – it’s a creative conversation, so let’s talk!

But I’m pleased to report I’ve had a productive morning speaking to the local Youth Development Officer and Magic FM about the residency (and other creative things) and finally now sitting here getting stuck into some personal poetry writing.

I’ve spent the last half hour or so losing myself in the lovely paintings (by Heather Wasley), which adorn the walls of Sprouts Café as inspiration. My early efforts thus far have been fairly clumsy however there are a few glimmers of gold I think I’ll take the time to work on this week. See you soon!

3 responses to “Poetry Anyone? 6th February – Cafe Poet Update

  1. heather wasley

    Hi Alysha!
    I have stumbled across your blog whilst doing a google search of myself. I had no idea about your residency in Sprouts as a cafe poet, but I am rather pleased that you were able to enjoy my art pieces while you there, and I hope that they did inspire you!
    Heather Wasley


    • Thanks Heather – I’ve been very lax in promoting the residency which is probably why you haven’t heard about it! I’m there pretty much every Monday between 9.30-11am (although not next monday 14th as I’m in Lameroo) so if you’re ever around, do drop in and say hi! Love your beautiful work on the walls, it adds great character to the cafe.


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