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Kumuwuki/Big Wave

Followers will notice that I’ve been very lax in blogging this year. My days are filling too fast and perhaps I’ve been doing a very bad job of DOING the things that really matter to me….

Or perhaps not.

In other news I recently attended the National Regional Arts Conference which occurs every 2 years in a different regional location (this time around in Goolwa, SA under the dual name Kumuwuki/Big Wave). I was a presenter on the ‘Young Folk Talking the Young Style’ panel and attending in an official capacity as I’m currently working for Country Arts SA (the hosts of this year’s conference).
Like most conferences Kumuwuki was a heady mix of boredom, inspiration and tear your hair out frustration however I do come away with much to think about. I’m still processing it all so instead will leave you with a few snapshots.

Here you can find a snapshot of the conference overall collected through the tweets of many.

Here you can find the collected ‘tiny little poems‘ from the fabulous Katie Keys and others you joined in (including yours truly), this was my favourite part of the conference and something I’ll talk more about when my brain is fully functional.

The always insightful Jane Howard was officially blogging throughout the conference and you can find her words here.

Wrap up from the Australia Council

A time lapse created by ABC Open for the closing ceremony capturing some of the highlights including the charcoal animation at the end which I was part of creating.

Last but not least the official Kumuwuki website where I’m told podcasts will be available of the panels and keynotes soon!

PS – the Riverland Creative Writing Group is participating in NaNoWriMo during November! Want to get involved – like us on facebook or send me an email.


Update – Podcasts of msot sessions are now available on the Kumuwuki website! Scroll down to where it says E-archive and hit play. ๐Ÿ™‚