Necessary Evils when Creating Spaces

There’s really not too much to say about this session, other than what a great team Renew Newcastle have surrounded themselves with!

This session was predominantly delivered by Kris Leck (Senior Project Manager of APP Corporation and Director of Renew Newcastle) and Roderick Smith (Chair of Renew Newcastle and Principal of Evescourt Legal) who ran us through the basic overview of compliance, WHS, contracts and the little things to look out for with some input from the lovely Marnie Jackson (Renew Newcastle General Manager).

Obviously their session was an overview for people to dip their toes into and anyone considering launching a Renew inspired project/initiative should seek dedicated legal advice on all these issues. Not to mention recruiting passionate people with construction and legal backgrounds for the board!

I will post a few photos of their powerpoints with some key thoughts when my other device is recharged.

Update – I’m told that the boy’s powerpoints will be available on the Renew Australia website soon, I will link them here for you when they are up.

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