War Stories and Pechu Kucha Creating Spaces

The official Creating Spaces Conference sessions today were followed with an optional ‘War Stories’ at the pub detailing some of the hairier moments of space activation, I can’t share them but suffice to say – most involved toilets! Knowing how to unblock a toilet is definitely a handy skill and always have towels and gloves handy. This advice applies to life outside of Renew projects too I’d say.

To cap off the day, we were treated to an absolutely divine dinner at the Newcastle Museum, which is a fabulous space I wish I’d taken photos of!

Dinner and conversation were followed by a series of Pecha Kucha presentations by conference delegates. Pecha Kucha is a presentation methodology where presenters each have 20 slides and only 20 seconds to speak to each slide. Short, sharp and shiny, it encourages presenters to really elevator pitch their ideas.

Our Pecha Kucha included:

An old Ambulance station revamp in Nambour from Adam. Read about it here.

Penrith City Council’s Magnetic Places project, creating community places. Read more here.

Group D Creative Collective and the amazing light fish. Meet them here.

Arthive and Street Art Walking from Simone. Arthive here and SAW here.

The Feastonart Gallery in Orbost. Their (rather under used) facebook here.

Art Pharmacy – your affordable art fix (I ❤ this). Read about them here, follow them on twitter here.

And a mini taster from tomorrow’s opening keynote Dan Thompson. More about him tomorrow, but he wrote a book ‘Pop Up Business for Dummies’ which I am now rather keen to check out.

Is it bed time yet?

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