Daily Archives: September 6, 2014

A blank space between #writeme30

August was too full for me.

Full of loss. Sickness. Work stress in both camps. Full of letting people down. Letting myself down. Full of being lost. Full of saying goodbye. Full of saying thank you and hello. Full of fear. Failure. Mistakes. Sorry’s. Full of loved ones. Full of forgotten letters and overdue bills. Full of feelings. Full. Too full.

and here I am tired.

With this blank space filling August’s attempt at #writeme30 – not a single post to be seen.

I’m not going to try and fill it by posting double in September or playing catch up. I’m just going to leave this blank space here to fill August. Because sometimes that’s how life really is. Overfull. Empty. Both and neither.

But here’s something beautiful to listen to (by one of my favourite lyricists) from me to you:


Night, lovelies.