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#RAAsummit #tinytwitterpoem (s) October 2014

#tinytwitterpoem (s) written during the 2014 Regional Arts Australia Summit ‘Arts and Edges’ held in Kalgoorlie, Oct 2014.


do whatcha can

All #tinytwitterpoem (s) by Alysha Herrmann (@lylyee)

(in reverse chronological order of when they were written)


Language/ to hold us together/ to tear us apart/ language/ to live within// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit


Meld together in between the lines of a favourite song/ crowded into emptied glasses/ fast dancers/ today// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit


Holes in the earth to fill the holes in our hearts leaving holes in our wallet// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit




Just quietly/ not everyone wants us here/ and that’s actually okay// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit


My excellent voice feels quiet indeed/ sheltered by a rock uncoloured with gold/ echoing in a technical void// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit


Find the dots/ the fragile lines beyond urban castles/ sing their praises/ if you can/ if you want// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit #excellence


A roar into the future/ a whisper to the past/ a question to the now/ a final day of woven words to spin // #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit


Survey familiar sheet folds/ discover new valleys and old/ risen / made real in crosses, boxes and words// #raasummit #tinytwitterpoem


A portrait pierced by teeth/ a history rattled by silence/ a land kissing our shores// #tinytwitterpoem for Indonesia at #raasummit


Fibre in your diet/ accents on your chin/ don’t let the past in/ don’t let the fear win// #tinytwitterpoem The Burning @ #raasummit


Get connected/ start a network/ with your mobile phone beeping through the skin of your teeth// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit


Images wiped of context/ leaving behind smiling teeth and possibilities/ questions too hard to ask// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit


Invite them to the table/ yes/ the food is made of plastic/ why/ just quietly/ we’ve forgotten how to revolt // #tinytwitterpoem


Sit with me and talk/ I haven’t been able to hear you over the sound of your fear// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit


You are the edge of my centre/ the part of me touching everyone else/ making my brave something I can’t escape// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit


Paying for the damage we will some day do/ with the lines of my children’s palms/ the dreams of my future feet// #tinytwitterpoem #RAAsummit


Ripping out bits leaves a hole/ ends one life to improve many others/ what would Mother Earth give if we asked// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit


Populated an empty land with alien laws/ framed by timeless story and laws lived/ these fictions to unweave// #RAAsummit #tinytwitterpoem


Splitting the bill/ with my empty cup/ drowning in dollar signs/ breathing in dust/ at a crowded table// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit #mining


A river full/ over flowing/ into man made houses/ man made mirrors/ man made questions// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit


Alysha and Reggie

Alysha with Reggie the Rhino.

Reggie is heading to Dubbo for the 2016 RAA Summit with #wheresReggierhino on instagram. And


Sprung Open #writeme30


The Contributor:

This week’s #writeme30 photo supplied by Matthew Church. I met the lovely Matthew through my involvement with JUTE Theatre Company’s Enter Stage Write (2012 and 2013). Matthew and I were both playwrights in the program, with Matthew being our youngest playwright (still at school at the time). He’s now a uni kid doing all sorts of awesome. He’s supplied a rather lovely photo that I really haven’t done justice to with my response. I think there’s a song somewhere in my response but I couldn’t quite reach it, so it’s a lot of words tipped onto a page for now.

The Photo:

Matthew Church Photo

The Response:

You are the seamless sides of me

Painted in liquid leaps of colour

Splashed in rain drops

To kill with

Live with

Bleed into and out of and bent within


In night time dreams

Softly sucked

Gently rocked

And blended

Two into one

Many dreams into singular traps

Opening maws beneath peep toe shoes

Feet painted a glorious yellow to let the light in.



Spilled. Streaming out. Threads of hair woven into your sheets.

Left bare. Left bare. And given there. To you. To me.


I’ll see you there. I’ll see you there.


Are you even listening to me? Is anyone? Stringing these sentences into more nonsense in your mouth. Reaching out. Fanning out.


Boxes blaring. TV shows never caring.

Your hands in mine. His eyes in his face. Your eyes on my back. Spilling. These secret sorrows. The ones we have no words for. Only a yearning too big to breath through.


You and I. wrapped together in these silences. These soft smile moments. We’ve broken them. And built them. And woven them together. Into this one life we have to live. Together. Apart. Together again.


What saves you? Saves me. Makes me? This precious time. Used well. Used to overfill hours we can never have back. Who are you. Have you been. Will be again.


I am my own silence. The frozen moment. The moment I stopped myself. The moment I said nothing. Did nothing. Was nothing. And then smiled. Bowed my head to a world too big for me.


No more. Ever. Then. I’m breathed into a new silence.


A wordsea to rock you to sleep. When my arms are empty. Emptied by words unspoken, unseen, unknown.


We will weep together you and I. Quietly. In between newspaper sheets and multiplying tabs. Sprung open with the force of their fear.