#RAAsummit #tinytwitterpoem (s) October 2014

#tinytwitterpoem (s) written during the 2014 Regional Arts Australia Summit ‘Arts and Edges’ held in Kalgoorlie, Oct 2014.


do whatcha can

All #tinytwitterpoem (s) by Alysha Herrmann (@lylyee)

(in reverse chronological order of when they were written)


Language/ to hold us together/ to tear us apart/ language/ to live within// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit


Meld together in between the lines of a favourite song/ crowded into emptied glasses/ fast dancers/ today// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit


Holes in the earth to fill the holes in our hearts leaving holes in our wallet// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit




Just quietly/ not everyone wants us here/ and that’s actually okay// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit


My excellent voice feels quiet indeed/ sheltered by a rock uncoloured with gold/ echoing in a technical void// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit


Find the dots/ the fragile lines beyond urban castles/ sing their praises/ if you can/ if you want// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit #excellence


A roar into the future/ a whisper to the past/ a question to the now/ a final day of woven words to spin // #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit


Survey familiar sheet folds/ discover new valleys and old/ risen / made real in crosses, boxes and words// #raasummit #tinytwitterpoem


A portrait pierced by teeth/ a history rattled by silence/ a land kissing our shores// #tinytwitterpoem for Indonesia at #raasummit


Fibre in your diet/ accents on your chin/ don’t let the past in/ don’t let the fear win// #tinytwitterpoem The Burning @ #raasummit


Get connected/ start a network/ with your mobile phone beeping through the skin of your teeth// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit


Images wiped of context/ leaving behind smiling teeth and possibilities/ questions too hard to ask// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit


Invite them to the table/ yes/ the food is made of plastic/ why/ just quietly/ we’ve forgotten how to revolt // #tinytwitterpoem


Sit with me and talk/ I haven’t been able to hear you over the sound of your fear// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit


You are the edge of my centre/ the part of me touching everyone else/ making my brave something I can’t escape// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit


Paying for the damage we will some day do/ with the lines of my children’s palms/ the dreams of my future feet// #tinytwitterpoem #RAAsummit


Ripping out bits leaves a hole/ ends one life to improve many others/ what would Mother Earth give if we asked// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit


Populated an empty land with alien laws/ framed by timeless story and laws lived/ these fictions to unweave// #RAAsummit #tinytwitterpoem


Splitting the bill/ with my empty cup/ drowning in dollar signs/ breathing in dust/ at a crowded table// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit #mining


A river full/ over flowing/ into man made houses/ man made mirrors/ man made questions// #tinytwitterpoem #raasummit


Alysha and Reggie

Alysha with Reggie the Rhino.

Reggie is heading to Dubbo for the 2016 RAA Summit with #wheresReggierhino on instagram. And https://twitter.com/artlandsDubbo


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