Spectators #thedirtythirty #nationalpoetrymonth

Today’s poem inspired by a prompt from facebook poetry group ‘The Dirty Thirty Challenge’ – one poem a day for the thirty days of April.


Each day the facilitators of the group offer a prompt, today’s prompt was:

Grab the closest book on your shelf/desk/bed. Go to page 7.
Write down 5 words that stand out to you, and use at least 3 of those words in a poem


My response:

From page 7 of ‘Improvisation: The Guide’ by Lyn Pierse

The five words were: judged, panel, risk, crafted, spectators



The panel nests in song.
Their silence a gift.
A gift,
crafted in eyes and sighs.
A risk.
A risk forgiven.
A risk forgotten.
A risk, no more.

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