A gathering of sticks and stones #poetry #thedirtythirtychallenge #fire


A gathering of sticks and stones:


I see the strain in your hunched shoulders little love

Your crouched knees show me everything

Eye to eye we curl into each other

My fingers reach towards you

Flickering and clean

But you –





Dirty Thirty Day 23 Prompt:

Write a poem from the perspective of a natural element ie. water, fire, earth etc., or a force of nature, for instance, a hurricane, earthquake, tornado etc.
The clincher: the poem gets shorter with each line.


The Dirty Thirty Challenge is one poem a day for the thirty days of April. Dirty Thirty prompts are from ‘The Dirty Thirty Challenge’ facebook group (admins). Poems published here are my own unless otherwise specified.

2 responses to “A gathering of sticks and stones #poetry #thedirtythirtychallenge #fire

  1. I loved your poem, but the title was misleading. I wanted a clever interplay between literal sticks and stones and the well known phrase “Sticks and stones may never hurt me.” Perhaps an idea for your next poem?


    • Thanks for your comment, I’m not sure why you think the title is misleading though? The poem is alluding to my experiences of childhood bullying…

      And your poem idea also sounds cool. You should totally write it. 😊


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