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War Stories and Pechu Kucha Creating Spaces

The official Creating Spaces Conference sessions today were followed with an optional ‘War Stories’ at the pub detailing some of the hairier moments of space activation, I can’t share them but suffice to say – most involved toilets! Knowing how … Continue reading

Necessary Evils when Creating Spaces

There’s really not too much to say about this session, other than what a great team Renew Newcastle have surrounded themselves with! This session was predominantly delivered by Kris Leck (Senior Project Manager of APP Corporation and Director of Renew … Continue reading

The Perfect Match – Projects and Spaces to Renew

This was another session that I won’t go into much detail about except to say that the presenters Lara Torr (Co-Founded Renew Adelaide), Marnie Jackson (General Manager Renew Newcastle) and Coralie Winn (Director Gap Filler, one of the newest to … Continue reading

Watershed – Keynote – Baba Israel

Today (April 11th 2013) is the opening day of Watershed, the second National Theatre Summit for Young and Emerging Artists happening over the next few days in Canberra.  Coinciding with both National Youth Week and Centenary of Canberra Celebrations and … Continue reading

#emptyshops #revolutionaryarts

The final keynote of the 2013 Creating Spaces Conference was delivered by the endearing and refreshing Mr Dan Thompson, artist/writer and starter of many things including Revolutionary Arts, Empty Shops and the #riotcleanup and #wewillgather. Dan once went to the … Continue reading

Filling the Gap (in my heART)

Another day of the Creating Spaces Conference here in Newcastle. We were treated to a keynote from the most endearing duo, Ryan Reynolds and Coralie Winn. They are adorable, not to mention kick ass on all sorts of levels (new … Continue reading

The beginnings of renewal…

Creating Spaces Conference, Newcastle March 12-14 The opening keynote from Marcus Westbury (Founder of Renew Newcastle and all around trouble maker/over achiever) and the first two panel sessions today covered very similar themes so I’m actually going to lump them … Continue reading

The Big and Small of Creative Innovation (or how not to facilitate a panel session)

I’m spending the next couple of days here in sunny Newcastle on the NSW coast attending the Creating Spaces Conference to get the full low down on Renew Newcastle and it’s spin offs across the country. After a 5am start, … Continue reading

A big (little) (fun) tour

After the required registrations here at the first day of the Creating Spaces Conference in Newcastle, the delegates were split into two groups and treated to a little walking tour of some of the currently operating (and ‘graduated’ – more … Continue reading

Novel November: the building of new worlds

Hello! If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you attended the World Building weekend for Novel November or you are otherwise interested in what I’m doing as part of my National Regional Arts Fellowship. Across November and into December and … Continue reading