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The why of the work #ATF2015 questions

  Questions swirl, morph, continue. The process of asking them seems as important as the actual answer. Because our answers are different. As they should be. As they have to be. From our different contexts, our different needs, our different … Continue reading

….and now a bonfire #ATF2013

Yesterday David Milroy’s session was titled ‘The Burning Question‘  and he spoke about the need for a ‘fire in the belly’. This morning’s session at the Australia Theatre Forum had plenty of oxygen, fuel and the all important ignition source. … Continue reading

A Papermoon to see by #ATF2013

Inspiration is a compelling pursuit. (….) We can’t see the fox and maybe we never will. But we know the idea is there and well keep chasing. ATF is an opportunity to chase the tail. – Alicia Talbot The Australian … Continue reading

DFAT Debunked (or not) at #ATF2013

Beverly Mercer from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) gave a quick overview of the Department’s Public Diplomacy program and most specifically how showing off Australian cultural content is part of the deal. The essence of the session was really: … Continue reading

The Burning Question #ATF2013

Like many other stranded travellers this morning, the Sydney and Canberra fog delayed my morning flight (6 times in total) so I missed the opening keynote and welcomes. Instead my 2013 Australian Theatre Forum journey began with David Milroy’s keynote. … Continue reading

What did the wind taste of? Farewell 2017

  I am an apostrophe, riddled with anxiety/ calmed by the spaces in between// #tinytwitterpoem #meetingpeople #publicface     In 2017, I only published three posts here on the blog, but gee, it was a big year.   In no … Continue reading

The Third Place, Creative Producer

I’ve been employed by Carclew as the Creative Producer of ExpressWay Arts, a joint initiative of City of Onkaparinga since July 2013. ExpressWay Arts is an umbrella term which covers a series of philosophically connected projects and artistic interventions with … Continue reading

Get a REAL job #artslife

  This life. These creative pursuits. They are not my hobbies. They are not something I enjoy doing and so choose to ‘find’ time for in my life.     This is my life. My career. My journey. Sometimes, my … Continue reading


Last updated February 2021. What do I do? I have conversations with individuals and communities. Then I use the skills I have as a writer, theatre-maker and cultural producer to turn those conversations into different kinds of artistic ‘things’. Theatre. … Continue reading