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Marry Me #writeme30

  Much love/ too much/ too many/ they say/ but maybe/ not enough/ rough the edges of your jealously/ with maybes//   The Photo:                                 … Continue reading

Always was. Always will be. #writeme30

  History splintered into two rivers/ in one riverbed/ your blood, my blood, our blood/ washed clear, but not clean//   The Photo:                                    Photo supplied by Warrick Clinch   The Response:   The Aboriginal Tent Embassy was established … Continue reading

Photo of a Photo #writeme30 #depression #family

  Concealed in folded edges is someone I used to be/ grainy with waiting, with wondering/ I am drawn by light// #tinytwitterpoem   The Photo:                                          Photo supplied by Celia Boyd “I wasn’t sure what to send you, this is … Continue reading

Another Deck #writeme30

  Layers too vague/ too sunk in history stink/ too heavy with rant/ go flag wave in some other window/ we don’t want it//   The Photo:                                 Photo supplied by Ben Duggan   The Response:   I’ve started … Continue reading

Access Denied #writeme30

  Sand breathers/ envious and bitter/ in tight skin and mottled waves/ they’ve waited their turn/ for you//   The Photo:                               Photo supplied by Ashlee Harrison   The Response:   Everyone longs for the beach. They talk about long … Continue reading

Are you well, my loves? #writeme30

  Nestled, into folded waves/ we are each of us, islands/ in this shared deep sea//   The Photo:                              Photo supplied by Jamin Heppell   The Response:   It’s a slippery place. Space. Well. Deep. Deeper still than fear. … Continue reading

Sprung Open #writeme30

  The Contributor: This week’s #writeme30 photo supplied by Matthew Church. I met the lovely Matthew through my involvement with JUTE Theatre Company’s Enter Stage Write (2012 and 2013). Matthew and I were both playwrights in the program, with Matthew … Continue reading

Three Eyes #writeme30 #travel

  The Contributor: This week’s #writeme30 photo supplied by Tully Bates of Purple Carrot Catering (delicious food in the Riverland!)  The Photo: The Response: One breath of colour in an ocean of maybe; Two inhaled doubts to cover the silence; … Continue reading

A blank space between #writeme30

August was too full for me. Full of loss. Sickness. Work stress in both camps. Full of letting people down. Letting myself down. Full of being lost. Full of saying goodbye. Full of saying thank you and hello. Full of … Continue reading

Ruin Filler #writeme30

  The Contributor: This week’s #writeme30 photo is from Milly Hoffmann. It’s an old photo of her being held by her Mumma Bear Jeannie. Two glorious women. Full of deeper things. I think the first time I met Milly in … Continue reading