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Another Elusive Maybe, creative development, 2015. Photo by Nic Tubb.

Last updated February 2021.

What do I do?

I have conversations with individuals and communities. Then I use the skills I have as a writer, theatre-maker and cultural producer to turn those conversations into different kinds of artistic ‘things’.

Theatre. Installations. Poetry. Words. Experiments. Experiences. Moments.

I’m especially drawn to reclaiming (and forgiving) failure and mistakes. To finding vulnerability and connection. To leaning in to my own discomfort in the hopes of becoming a better human being. To finding joy in the everyday.

I’m still figuring it out myself.

*I’m also a proud parent, living this creative life with my beautiful and very precious family.

Why do I do it?

Because someone once did it for me. Because once upon a time I believed myself to be worthless and voiceless. I was wrong. And now I’m driven and inspired to keep asking questions. To keep challenging what IS, with what could BE. To keep discovering, learning and opening up the conversations we have together.

You can read the details of my journey from voiceless to vocal in the Griffith Review edition Cultural Solutions, which you can find here.

Who am I?

Looking for some credentials? Find my CV here. Explore some of my words here. And here.

Or you know, ask me. Let’s talk. 🙂

Where do I work?

I’ve created and presented work across various states in both regional and urban Australia. Regional communities are my first love in all their complexity and challenges.

After four and a half years based in Adelaide nurturing a very special project in the Southern suburbs, my family and I have recently returned home to my heartland, the Riverland region of South Australia.

Creating Art in the Desert

This blog is a place to share some of the things I’m working on, along with  some of my thoughts and responses to this creative and ever-evolving life I’m living.

Some Recent Highlights:

You can be part of the resourcing dream team by supporting my work through Patreon, all the details here: https://www.patreon.com/lylyeeoftheriver

Patreon is a modern form of patronage for artists, enabling direct small scale financial support to keep making art. It works like a crowdfunding campaign, in that supporters choose an amount which corresponds to ‘rewards’, but instead of a once off, it’s a recurring donation (in my case on a monthly basis).

My Patreon has a $1, $3, $15 or $50 a month tier with various levels of behind the scenes access and special thanks.

No pressure, but if you enjoy my work and want to support more of it, I’d love to see you there.

The ‘official’ bio if you need it:

Alysha Herrmann is a proud parent, daughter of regional Australia, writer, theatre maker, creative producer and community organiser working across disciplines in the arts, education, tourism, community development, youth work, social justice and social enterprise. As a creative practitioner Alysha makes performances, installations, experiences, presentations, poetry, digital exchanges and small moments of connection in public places.

Alysha has won numerous awards for her work using the arts to interrogate and explore community concerns and aspirations, including most recently the 2017 Arts South Australia Geoff Crowhurst Memorial Ruby Award and the 2015 Australia Council Kirk Robson Award. Alysha is also an alumnus of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation’s flagship leadership program ARLP.

Alysha’s work is grounded in community arts and cultural development practice and she is dedicated to nurturing and supporting the voices of young people and regional communities.

Alysha writes about vulnerability, community, hope, grief and forgiveness. She’s a long-time fantasy nerd and would love to write for video-games.

Tea-drinker, big dreamer and thinker of confusing thoughts. #myriverland #letstalkyoutharts



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