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Caught by the Now #writeme30 @FELTspace

  I’m about to put up this week’s #writeme30 in a separate post, but for anyone who is actually counting, you may have noticed that I’ve missed a few weeks. *slaps own hand* I don’t want to make excuses. So … Continue reading

Seashell Dreams #writeme30

  The Photo Contributor: Joey Kennedy. Actor. Artist. And now proud mama. I met Joey when she was co-facilitating a program run by Riverland Youth Theatre about youth entrepreneurship for young artists – Joey’s been in a couple of films … Continue reading

Honey-less #writeme30

Kate Reilly has supplied this week’s #writeme30 photo. Kate and I went to school together in Burra (a really cute little town in the mid north of South Australia) and like many other friends through our family’s many moves we … Continue reading

Moving #writeme30

This week’s #writeme30 photo has been supplied by the beautiful and super talented Lynden Nicholls. Lynden was our movement teacher every Wednesday during 1st year Acting at the Ballarat Academy of Performing Arts back in 2006. I loved movement class … Continue reading

Rage of the Heart #writeme30

  Earlier this week I attended the launch of a very special book about my little friend Kaitie. The photo for this week’s #writeme30 post has been supplied by Kaitie’s mum Kimberlee Francis, one of my very dear friends and … Continue reading

Homecoming. #writeme30

  So…I’m a little late getting this week’s #writeme30 post together…   Saturday just past (the 19th April), I brought a new human into the world. Our daughter Amaya was born beautiful and healthy a week before her due date. … Continue reading

Wrinkles #writeme30

  This week’s #writeme30 photo is from Arefa Hassani, a young Afghani woman who I met a few years ago in the Riverland. I’d heard Arefa’s name mentioned long before I met her, through various youth networks I was a … Continue reading

Rise. #writeme30

Something tiny and rough from me this week in response to this lovely photo from Amy Bell of a Namibian Sunrise. The Photo: Photo supplied by: Amy Bell   The Response – Untitled:   Rise. Rise within me. This hunger … Continue reading

Green Sleep Dreams #writeme30 #YHMD2014

Let these dreamers sleep. With cracked fingernails and grime to coat their inner ear. Let these dreamers sleep and fish for hope on shores far from here. I met Lauren a few years back when the two of us were … Continue reading

Hunted #writeme30

I’m so excited by the diversity of photographs I’m being sent for the #writeme30 project. Already I have a gorgeous mixture of the heartfelt and hilarious. I’m terrified and excited to begin responding to them over the next 365 days. … Continue reading