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Star in a Reasonably Priced Kart (or Really Tight Pants) @ Loxton Dirt Kart Club

Recently I was invited to chuck a lap with the Loxton Dirt Kart Club as part of their ‘Star in a Reasonably Priced Kart’ promotion. So firstly let’s get two things straight.

One: They are using the term star very loosely. I’m more like an overkeen bean involved in too many community based things to name.

Two: Karting gear is designed for slim and fit people, not *slightly* round women (too much cake/chocolate – help!). I thought my thighs were going to split the first suit I tried on!

Luckily the club has a fantastic atmosphere, family friendly and supportive so I was quickly fixed up with some comfy overalls ready for my hot lap instead!

Basically the idea of the promotion is to bring community identities onto the track, give them 4 practice laps and then time their final lap for the leaderboard. Those of you who watch Top Gear should be hearing echoes here…

I was invited to have a crack by the club’s media spokesperson Paul Vanderwoude after my recognition last year as the 2011 South Australia Young Citizen of the Year. My response to the invitation – ‘I’m certainly willing to give it a go. I’ll probably be completely crap but I’m sure my awful driving will give people a laugh!’

I think my driving lived up to my expectations (I’m last on the leaderboard!) but I really did have a lot of fun. You can check out my lap here.

Not only was the karting itself a buzz and a great laugh, I also really enjoyed the atmosphere of the club. There were parents, grandparents, young children and adolescents buzzing around the track with different age groups competing in a regular meet whilst we were there. We stayed for the end of the meet, where all the Karters who gained a placing were presented with medals/trophies and all made a short thankyou speech – even the little tackers, which was super cute and a great skill for them to be learning!

Although skeptical about the experience when my partner, son and I arrived at the track to the buzzing chorus of karts and flies, I had a fantastic afternoon and would definitely recommend people head out to the club to take a look. The club meets monthly, with meets also held by the Renmark, Blanchetown and Morgan Clubs.

For more info about the Loxton Club head to their website and follow them on facebook. You can also keep an eye on the Star in a Reasonably Priced Kart Leaderboard (surely someone worse then me will come along…..)