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A question mark in the shape of a stain #nationalpoetrymonth

Mind chatter 01042016

Image: Some mind chatter scribbles from my journal 01042016


April is ‘Poetry Month’ in American and Canada and quite a few people jump on the bandwagon here in Oz too. So I figured why not?

Returning to some work, creating some new things. Will share a poem a day here during April. This one started life in April 2013, I’ve used some of the ideas but given it a new skeleton and rewritten almost entirely this evening while sitting on the couch watching ‘Brother Bear’ with my smallest human.

A question mark in the shape of a stain

Shouldn’t be a question. Couldn’t be an answer.

A statement pile. To shift through. Lift through.

You are set adrift,


Empty ache. Hungry sorrow. Eyelid twitch

of a sleeping dog.

Who are we kidding?


He is red and smells like wet soap and socks

I forgot what you asked,

I was trying to answer.



Sheets of gyprock. Unfilled walls. Unspilled halls.

His silence –

Soaks into the carpet.

With me.

With my sinking knees.

Chandeliers on the end of my ears.

His pipe on the end of my nose.

Where does lost love go?

I am left.