What I Do:

Playwright/Poet/Performer/Thinker/Advocate/Speaker/Dreamer/Creative Producer

On the couch with me: http://artsreview.com.au/on-the-couch-with-alysha-herrmann/


I am predominantly (and presently) a playwright, poet and blogger.

Other things I would like to be (try) in the future include: writing for video games, children’s books, young adult fiction and photo essay texts. If you like my writing style and would like to work with me but the project you have in mind isn’t listed here it’s always worth asking as I love exploring new collaborations and merging styles to discover something new. I like to say yes.

Theatre – Making & Producing

I make things. I help others make things.

I am interested in projects that explore connection and vulnerability. I am interested in projects that are cross disciplinary and are in conversation with non-arts experiences (like theatre + farming). I am interested in collaboration and experimenting and exploring and not knowing.

My independent works in 2016 have been intimate (for between 1 and 8 audience members at a time) and have delved into soundscapes/audio and installation rather than traditional ‘plays’. I am interested in theatre-making that blurs the lines between roles and focuses instead on what collaborators bring to the table and making something that wasn’t there before.

I am interested in projects that are in conversation with audience – that might be literally through live text messages conversations, or by here and now subject matter or by ancillary experiences (like feasts and dress- ups pre or post show) – especially audiences who have felt left out or intimidated by theatre/art spaces/worlds. Regional communities and young people have my heart. I like urban discoveries and old people too.

I have stepped in and out of many roles – performer, director, producer, writer, co-designer, dramaturg – some roles fit more comfortably than others, some roles come more easily than others, some roles I have fumbled my way through.

Being in the room and on the floor making things is one of my favourite things. I like to say yes.


I share my journeys and learnings honestly and openly through this blog and on my social media spaces. I think about how what I share creates spaces for others to question, share and discover. This is advocacy. This is thinking. This is leading. In my own little way.

I also get invited to speak at things, to present my ideas and learnings and to facilitate others in all kinds of experiences.

I mainly speak about domestic violence, youth arts, arts as a tool for social change, leadership, regional communities, young people, vulnerability, connection and courage. I have been known to talk about other things too. Mostly on topic.

I enjoy sharing experiences with people and supporting them through things – as an MC, as a tour guide, as a workshop facilitator, as a documenting observer – my manner in these roles has been descried as warm, positive and nurturing. I like to say yes.

Saying yes

I like to say yes. I say no when I need to. I say no when the ‘fit’ isn’t quite right. I say no when the ‘fit’ is very clearly wrong. I say no when I can’t fit everything in. When I say no, I will always try to give you some alternatives to lead you to a yes somewhere else.

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