Last updated 2017.

On the couch with me: http://artsreview.com.au/on-the-couch-with-alysha-herrmann/

I share my journeys and learning honestly and openly through this blog and on my social media spaces. I think about how what I share creates spaces for others to question, share and discover. This is advocacy. This is thinking. This is leading. In my own little way.

I also get invited to speak at things, to present my ideas and learning and to facilitate others in all kinds of experiences.

I mainly speak about domestic violence, youth arts, arts as a tool for social change, leadership, regional communities, young people, vulnerability, connection and courage. I have been known to talk about other things too. Mostly on topic.

I enjoy sharing experiences with people and supporting them through things – as an MC, as a tour guide, as a workshop and/or project facilitator, as a documenting observer – my manner in these roles has been described as warm, positive and nurturing. I like to say yes.

Saying yes

I like to say yes but I say no when I need to. I say no when the ‘fit’ isn’t quite right. I say no when the ‘fit’ is very clearly wrong. I say no when I can’t fit everything in. When I say no, I will always try to give you some alternatives to lead you to a yes somewhere else.

Some examples of ‘other’ things:

A Caring Portrait (2015)

Lead Artist: Alysha Herrmann

With: Vanessa Kalderovskis, Siobhan Fearon and Brianna Obst

A micro community arts and cultural development project bringing together carers and professional artists to create an exhibition of photographic and poetry portraits. Read photographer Siobhan Fearon’s lovely words about the project over on her blog (and see the stunning pictures she took!) here.

Sum it Up – Panel Presentation (2014)

Regional Arts Conference (hosted in Kalgoorlie), my sum it up presentation was later published by ArtsHub, you can find it here.