Rise. #writeme30

Something tiny and rough from me this week in response to this lovely photo from Amy Bell of a Namibian Sunrise.

The Photo:

Amy Bell Photo copyPhoto supplied by: Amy Bell


The Response – Untitled:


Rise. Rise within me.

This hunger song;

This song of grieving;

Of lost.


Bend. Bend into truth.

This aching skin;

This light unmaking;

To begin.


From spaces I’ve hidden within.

Closed into knots without ends.

Trapped by your curved eyebrows.

Quirked and shaped into;

Question marks that laugh at me.


And now.

Now, you are an absence.

A soft, barely felt absence.

But missing all the same;

And missed.




Amy Bell is a fabulous playwright from tropical QLD, if you get the chance to see her play ‘Infection‘ do it. It’s a beautiful work made up of six smaller stories tackling our relationship with Mother Earth. I had the pleasure of listening to a reading of Infection last year, which was incredibly moving. I also had the pleasure last year of spending an evening with Amy and her family in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest in their amazing house, which is very reminiscent of a treehouse/cubby house. It was pretty ace.

Thanks for sharing your photo with me Amy and being so generous and welcoming in all the time I’ve known you. 🙂


What is #writeme30? Answers here.

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