One Word To Sing A New Year In

One word to sing a new year in/ to lure gently in, to sit softly perched/ on my shoulder/ my lap/ my heart/ to be welcome//  #tinytwitterpoem

I like transitions. I like the way they taste and feel and smell.

I like to mark them. To take the time to sit with them. So the ending of one year and the beginning of another means something to me. I am a teetotaler and (predominantly) a homebody so New Year Eve/Day is not a time of partying and drinking and going out for me. Instead it is a time to sit with a year of yesterdays in preparation for a year of tomorrows.

I like to live the first day of the new year very deliberately. Very on purpose.

My husband thinks it’s superstition and in a small way he is right, but it’s actually more about me playing a psychological trick on myself to commit to the values and actions I want to live. I like to make a point of the first day of a new year being spent (symbolically) the way I’d like to spend the rest of the year. It is me saying to myself “this is how I want to live and who I want to be”. It doesn’t magically mean my whole year will be that way of course, but I feel like if I just went “oh well, it’s another day, why bother”, then that attitude becomes symptomatic and sets up bad habits itself.

By entering the year deliberately I’m trying to make the person I want to be a habit because habits are harder to break.

And so a large chunk of today was spent writing and reading and seeding some creative adventures (which I’ll share here on the blog as the year unfolds) and in amongst some of that reading and seeding and thinking and reflecting, I stumbled across a lovely blog post from Maxabella Loves and a ‘link-up’ inviting people to share their one word to sum up/capture/invite the new year in.

It’s harder than it sounds.

I can easily give you a word for 2014.


2014 was a really difficult year, lots of precious, wonderful things happened (like this and this and this), but there were also lots of hard, awful things (which I mostly haven’t felt able to write about so I haven’t) and I’ve really struggled with some of the transitions 2014 has brought and with some of my ‘old’ issues sneaking their way under my skin.

So a word for 2014 was easy. Hindsight is easy. Setting the tone for a year that hasn’t unfurled yet is HARD. Hard I tell you.

I toyed with the idea of ’embrace’ for 2015. Because I want to do a lot more embracing in the sense of actually hugging the people I love and embracing in the sense of embracing myself, embracing opportunities and challenges and life.

I liked it but it wasn’t ‘the one’. And so.

And so, my one word for 2015 in the end is:


I want to be more gentle with myself and especially with Mr 12 (who has also really struggled with our transition year) as I haven’t liked the parent I’ve been to him lately. I’d also just like some more gentle in my life in general after what has been a really hectic, frenetic, harsh period of time over the last couple of years. Some gentle evenings shared with loved ones. Some gentle reflection. Some gentle creating and collecting and embracing. And I want to make a more deliberate effort to be more gentle in how I live on this planet with my habits, my consumption, my daily impact.

So hi there 2015. Be gentle with me.

future presen set


11 responses to “One Word To Sing A New Year In

  1. Great word choice. I can empathise with what you’re going for, that was my intention in 2014. I hope you find it.


  2. A gentle year would be a good one, no doubt about it. To softly achieve what we want to achieve and let the rest ease by us without sorrow or care. I hope you find it!

    I loved your little poem and will follow you on Twitter immediately. I don’t know why I don’t visit you here more regularly, Alysha as I love your perspective and writing so much. x


    • Thanks lovely lady. I really enjoyed your post and the idea of ‘one word’ really resonated with me. Choosing one word is a tool we use for opening and closing an event or activity with participants in a lot of the work I do so it just really sat well with me. And yay I will see you on Twitter. X


  3. My word will be CREATE.
    Not limited to an artistic sense, but also creating opportunities, wonderful memories and things/people I want in my life.


    • That’s an awesome word in every sense. I’m thinking a lot about how I am or am not creating the life and person I want to be and a big thing on my radar is creating more opportunities to nurture existing and new circles of loved ones. 🙂


  4. Gentle. Beautiful, beautiful intention and I hope you find it in 2015. I love the tiny twitter poem xx


  5. Gentle is lovely. Lots of soft edges and soft landings perhaps. Not too many sharp corners. I like what you said about deliberate effort – I think we could all do a little of that.


  6. Sounds like Gentle is the perfect word for you this year Alysha. I really love your writing. Being gently to yourself is incredibly important so come back to this post when you forget. Enjoy 🙂


  7. Thank you so much for popping by my blog and introducing me to your blog! I read your linked posts (your wedding was amazing! and congratulations on the birth of your daughter!). I related to a lot of what you wrote about because this time last year, my family and I relocated from a country town of 12,000 to the suburbs of Melbourne. I have always been a country girl and now I am a somewhat city chick. The transition was most difficult for my children (now 17 and 8) but also for me because it was hard for them and I felt their distress deeply. I also spent 6 weeks in hospital and another 6 weeks or so very unwell. So yes, I felt the words in your posts very deeply. I love your choice of ‘Gentle’ as your word for the year and I will be staying tuned to see where that takes you as we navigate this year. x


  8. What a great choice of word! I also love how you say that you like to experience the first day of the year on purpose. I must remember that.


  9. I love your word Alysha. We all need more gentle in our lives I think, to counter everything which isn’t. I feel as though I always enter each new year very deliberately too, but had never really thought about it as that. I like it.


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