A (romantic) love poem + LARP #thedirtythirty #nationalpoetrymonth

For Nic


The Song My Bathtub Sang For Me:


Your fingertips fold time

Seep into skin dreams

Weep open salt seams

An echo –


Caught, mid sentence

Knuckles bruised on memory

I capture you. You capture me.

We breathe


Black rope, raw hope.

The curve of a mouth

Second chance offered

A risk –


We are blended and bended

In years unraveled

Shared paths traveled

I chose.


You. I chose you.

Because –


Your fingertips fold time.




Today’s poem again inspired by ‘The Dirty Thirty Challenge’ daily prompt. Today’s prompt was a romantic love poem ending the poem with the same line you start with.


Bonus poem + mind chatter scribble inspired by the LARPing* event I took my 13year old to today:

LARP poem

The event was one of the fortnightly sessions run by the Southern Wilds LARP, an Adelaide based group. They have a come and try day coming up on Sunday 17th April if you are curious (it’s free). Details on their facebook group here.

I’m thinking I will join in too in future (though I can’t make the come and try day due to Manifold Portrait visit 3rd Sunday of every month).

*Live Action Role Play

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